Free UK invoice templates Improve Your Business

Using invoice templates improves your efficiency, productivity, and accounting practices. More importantly, studies show that how you present your bills significantly influences how urgent your customers regard payment; the more professional your invoices look, the more seriously clients take the payments. Invoice templates improve your company’s image and reinforce your brand.

You started your own business because you excel at providing a service, selling or producing a product, and you grow your business by sustaining your dedication to the core of your business. For most small business owners, the business of running the business gets in the way of generating more sales. The more you can do to automate and delegate routine management tasks, the more you can concentrate on building customers’ loyalty and finding new clients. Downloading and using invoice templates should rank near the top of your to do list, because the sooner you get them in place and in use, the sooner you can stop thinking about them.

Invoice templates improve your efficiency.

No matter how much you and your office manager love to play with your computers, you will save a great deal of time and money, and you will get far better results from downloading templates instead of creating your own.

Assuming that you are reasonably proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite, you may create your own invoice template; but why go to all the trouble of reinventing the wheel? Most build-it-yourself templates require updating and adjusting for each new invoice, and they often do not calculate running totals or sum-up the bottom lines the way you wish. Moreover, if you send your invoices via electronic mail, you must complete the process of mail-merging to make them go out automatically. When you download templates, you can set the parameters so that the software does all the calculations as soon as you enter the customer’s name and the numbers.

Free uk invoice templates improve your productivity.

Even if you feel more than willing to shoulder most of the workload, creating your own invoices does not represent the best use of your time. Use invoice templates to assure than you and all your employees devote their time to the business’s most important and productive activities.

Most small businesses depend on an office manager for performance of the whole range of routine management tasks-all the bookkeeping, payroll, correspondence, scheduling, and personnel matters. If the office manager gets bogged-down in any single task, all of the other work suffers.Therefore, the more efficiently the business manager can manage accounts receivable, the more efficiently he or she can move on to other urgent tasks. Most templates allow for routine summaries of billing and payments, and most are compatible with other business software, making preparation of profit and loss statements and forecasts more efficient and accurate.

Invoice templates improve your accounting practices.

Coordinate your invoice templates with your accounting software, so that all of your data remains absolutely current and perfectly accurate. Many templates allow you to enter the numbers from your accounts receivable onto your books, your profit and loss statements, and your bills with just a few extra mouse-clicks.



Accountants in Calgary

At Streamline accountants Calgary they like to help business owners with regular book keeping and tax services, up-to-date monthly financial reports and budgeting for taxes, they will make sure the business owners are better informed and prepared. They offer an excellent service and help people to maximise their business; they also have fantastic, dedicated and professional staff. Streamline Accounting prides themselves in having professionals who have proved that their unique abilities are what keep them afloat. Their top management is made up of people who have received numerous accolades in their fields. Also thanks to their process of recruiting carefully ensures that our ranks are fortified with the best. Their professionals are handpicked from a pool of qualified people who have potential. For the best accountants in Calgary visit

Their bookkeeping services will help to keep you organised, they include monthly services, use professional software such as QuickBooks online and organising documents. Bookkeeping helps your company to avoid the consequences of non compliance and incorrect tax sheets. That’s why you need to make sure you pay close attention when doing your taxes, to avoid mistakes. Another value added service that they offer would be compliance which is used to keep you on track; this includes GST preparation, payroll preparation and filing, and Year End tax preparation and filing. Their financial reports are your business tools; these include preparing break-even and other ratio analyses, and preparing monthly financial snapshots with visual graphics. Lastly, would be their tax planning and consulting to help you save tax, they will customise a tax plan that fits your situation.


Their services have helped many of thier clients improve efficiency, drive up revenues and keep more of their returns. They have had decades worth of experience in accounting. They offer all inclusive tax planning, bookkeeping and accounting services such as GST filling, payroll preparation,  monthly bookkeeping and easy to read financial reports. They offer it as a fixed monthly price this consists of a pre-determined service fee, a fixed monthly payment, no additional year end fee, smooth cash flow and no other hidden costs. Other things that are included in the monthly plan would be a year-end preparation with notice to reader report issued by certified public accountant and an hour free support from our experienced accountants every month. Some of the things not included in the monthly plan would be personal taxes, tax consulting n complicated tax matters, review and audit engagements, and any previous catch-up work; if you would like for these to be done, then they will charge an additional fee.


They offer four different monthly plans with prices varying between $139 and $450. The first monthly plan is the start up plan which is $139 per month. This plan comes with a company profile for the sole-proprietor, it offers less than 10 transactions a month and the annual gross revenue is less than $150,000. The second plan is the take-off plan which is $269 a month. This plan comes with a profile which is for 1-3 employees, less than 30 transactions a month and annual gross revenue of less than $250,000. The third plan is the steady operation plan which is $369 a month. With this plan you get a profile for 4-7 employees, less than 80 transactions a month and the annual gross revenue is less than $500,000. Lastly, the final plan is the Local success plan which is $450 a month. This plan comes with a profile which is for seven or more employees, less than 250 transactions a month and the annual gross revenue is less than $800,000.

Your Business Needs Fulfilment Services

Many businesses are reducing their overhead costs to a great extent with the help of professional Fulfilment services. In a recession-hit economy and slowing down of the global economic climate. This makes them necessary to take the help of the dedicated and the professional fulfilment services companies. Now, is the age of outsourcing and these professional service providers are somewhat range bound to offer services in a professional manner. Everywhere there is competition and the world of fulfilment services is not any different from the others. These companies offer quality fulfilment service at almost a fraction of the cost.

Fulfilling an order is like fulfilling a commitment, and this starts from receiving the order, processing it and then following a strategy for accomplishing the order. Pick and pack are the most important parts of the fulfilment process and this includes obtaining the order from the customer service from the call centres. This is one of the majorities of the bulk work that is done by the fulfilment service providers. At the second stage, the product specification and the place of the gathering are decided. Then the management, which is engaged in warehousing, will be able to reduce the time for travelling or shipment of the products.

If you want to start a fulfilment service, then the first step would be to apply for a business license. The government license will be very much helpful and will also be able to acquire new customers. Fulfilment services are almost comprehensive providers of professional service at the most competitive cost. There is the requirement of various trade tools, to start a pick and pack Service, then you will have to go for some large area and also some equipment, including a van for the purpose of delivering goods.

To carry out the fulfilment services in a perfect way, then there is a lot of investments. From van’s to postage equipment, shipping software, printers, Xerox machines, boxes, labels, tapes and a computer with the word processing software. You can carry out on your own; you will have to keep some men or if possible some trained professional. It is usually a part of the supply chain management system, and picks and pack services is also a part of it. They require some specific expertise, and each process needs proper evaluation. The orders are repeatedly checked before delivery and certain service provider’s offers quality checking also, including both large and small items.

All About Video Production Manchester

Do you want to produce a video? Well, it’s easy, and you can do it! There are some easy steps to know before you get started. Make sure to check out Zut Media Manchester for video production.

Before you start making your video, you need to have a plan or a script on what you’re going to film. This stage is the pre-production. Make sure this stage is planned well before moving on to the next stage of video production, which is this actual production. Make sure you know which camera you are using, how you will record the audio, how you will transfer the footage from the camera to your computer, and how you will edit it. If you have the answers to these questions, you are ready to move on.

While producing the video, you might need certain equipment. Apart from the camera, it would help to have a tripod, headphones, and spare batteries. While shooting a video, there are different kinds of shots: the A-Roll, the B-Roll, the Medium Shot, and the Close-up. If someone is talking to your camera, it is called an A-Roll. Then there’s the B-Roll, which is usually the best way to start a video. If you want to show a kitchen in which the first scene takes place, it is best to use the B-Roll. The most frequently used shot while recording people is the Medium Shot. To convey more information, you can use the Close-up of a person or an object in your video production manchester.

Another thing to be aware of while shooting is the lighting. Choose one light source type and eliminate the rest, so as to simplify your work.

The third thing to keep in mind during your corporate video production is the audio. Make sure the video is audible and the sounds can be heard. Studies show that people will tolerate a bad video if the audio is good, but aren’t likely to sit through a good video with terrible audio.

The last stage of your online video production is the post-production stage. At this stage, you must review your video and decide which sections of your video you might not like to keep. You can discard these sections while editing. After that, you need to arrange the footage in the sequence you wish it to be in, and make sure it plays perfectly. If you want to add advanced sounds, you might want to download a video editing software. The last step is to convert the video into the proper format that you need. It’s as simple as that!

You don’t have to be a professional to make awesome videos for your family, work, or friends who might enjoy them! Make sure you have your script sorted out in the pre-production stage, and that you don’t leave out any important factors during the video production. It helps to have all the required equipment, especially a proper camera. Keep in mind the audio and lighting play a big role in the quality of your video. Take your first step in video producing today!

4 Tips For Selecting Greenville Family Law Firm

Do you find yourself facing a domestic dispute within your family? Such problems are not uncommon in today’s society. You may be seeking a prenuptial agreement, trying to negotiate for visitation rights or needing legal assistance for divorce. Regardless of the dispute, you must learn how to select the right family law attorney to represent you in court. But with the number of lawyers out there, you might feel overwhelmed as soon as you begin the selection process. Here are some tips on how to choose the best Greenville family law firm.

Evaluate Field Of Expertise

Family law is a domain that encompasses several issues including divorce, paternity, child custody, adoption, child abuse and civil unions. It is important that you select a firm or lawyer that specializes in the particular area you’re dealing with. To achieve this, it is essential to ask questions to the attorney during the initial consultation. Find out how long they have been practicing family law and the extent of their experience in court. It also helps to determine the percentage of family law cases they have represented in their practice.

Verify Available Resources

It’s easy to assume that a family law attorney has access to all essential resources. Simply assuming, however, can lead to costly mistakes. Do not hesitate to ask the lawyer about his access or lack of it to different support resources including associate attorneys, paralegals and secretaries. In most cases, having an extensive support system is a good indication of the overall quality of legal services provided by a family law expert.

Choose Within Your Financial Means

Different law firms charge different rates for their services. Your budget is one of the biggest factors that influence your choice of family law firm. It’s a good idea to set a budget and stay within this number as you proceed with the selection process. Ask the lawyer about his hourly rate and that of his associates, paralegals or other legal experts that will work on your case. Providing an itemized monthly bill is also a plus, as this allows you to easily see where your money goes.

Check Responsiveness And Overall Communication Skills

Remember that a family dispute may take months to resolve, which means you might have to work with the lawyer for an extended period of time. You would want to make sure that the lawyer is somebody you’re comfortable speaking with. Check how responsive the attorney is to your questions and feedback. It’s also important for the lawyer to have excellent communication skills so you can easily understand what’s going on with your case instead of being confused with all the legal jargon and technicalities.

By bearing these tips in mind, you should have no problems finding a reputable Greenville family law firm. While there are plenty of law firms to choose from, remember that not all of them can represent you effectively in court. Make sure that you do your due diligence and spend ample time to talk to multiple law experts to ensure that you receive the best legal solutions for your family dispute.

4 Crucial Ways in Which Realtors Differ From Real Estate Agents

So you have decided to purchase or sell your home. What’s the most important thing you should do first? If you happen to be like most people, I bet that the first thing you will do is to look for a real estate agent to lend you some help. Although hiring a real estate pro might seem like a simple task, there is one important decision that you will have to make first. This is deciding whether to go for a real estate agent or a realtor. For more, check out houses for sale in Red Deer from Kthomsen.

Like most people, you are probably thinking a realtor and a real estate agent are one and the same. The truth of the matter is that there are important differences between these professionals. There are some very important things you ought to know about the distinction. Below are the four differences between realtors and real estate professionals.

1. Realtors are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association

It’s true that both these two professionals went through training for them to be able to help you buy or sell a house. But in Canada, for an individual to be deemed a realtor, they must be affiliated with the Canadian Real Estate Association, abbreviated as CREA.

2. The difference is in the business cards

It’s not easy to know right away whether you are dealing with a real estate agent or a realtor. But you can easily know the difference between these professionals by looking at their business cards. For realtors, they mark their cards with the trademark Realtor symbol. Also, a realtor takes pride in their cards, presenting them like badges of honour.

3. Realtors are guided by a moral code in place since 1913

For a real estate expert to be deemed a Canadian Realtor, they must adhere and follow a strict code of conduct and ethics which has been in force since the beginning of 20th century. Among the most important things spelt out in the code is the requirement to fully disclose (in writing) the person they represent as an agent. The code of ethics also requires that a realtor disclose if they are interested in a property. Should a realtor be found guilty of breaking this code, they will no longer be allowed to operate as certified realtors.

4. Realtors must continue training

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Investing In Stocks And Bonds: Learn the Difference Between Them

When it comes to investing in stocks and bonds, it’s important to recognize there is a huge difference between the two. Bonds traditionally have a much lower rate of return, but are very likely to pay off barring a massive catastrophe. On the other side of things, stocks have a much higher upside on giving amazing returns on their investment but with stocks there’s also the chance of losing some of your money – or even all of it if the company goes completely belly up.

There are many things to look at when learning the difference between investing in stocks and bonds.

How Solid Is The Bond Issuer?
Not all bonds are the same. Whether issued by a company or a local government, it’s important to do your research to not only find yourself the best return terms but also see how solid each lender is when it comes to financial stability. Will they be able to pay the bonds back, or are they in serious trouble even if the fund raising is successful?

These are important things to learn. Bonds vary wildly in return and stability or safety.

Who Is Issuing The Bonds?
There are many different agencies that can put out bonds. Federal savings bonds were extremely popular throughout the 1980s because interest rates were extremely high and that meant a very solid return on investment for people who worked and put their money into those bonds. States, cities, and counties can put out municipal bonds which tend to be a little safer than company based bond releases (though not always), and companies have a wide array of options when they release bonds.

Having a blend of these can be a great way to get some decent returns while taking a safer path than what an all stock portfolio will provide.

Stocks: Higher Risk & Higher Upside
Investing in stocks and bonds also has a high risk side and that comes with stocks. Investing in stocks can be a wild ride considering that a company can go nearly broke before recovering. Anyone who stayed through rough early years with or re-invested in Apple in the 1990s did great – but there are dozens of huge companies once considered safe that no longer exist.

People who invested in those are a lot less happy. However, the allure of stocks is undisputed. Plenty of people made a fortune getting in the ground floor on Google and Facebook, and the idea of being able to strike it big and live not only comfortably in retirement but to become wealthy, that’s a hard idea to get rid of.

Balancing Your Portfolio
Going all bonds or all stocks isn’t right for the far majority of investors. Being able to tackle a combination of these is crucial to setting up a good retirement. That means more stocks for younger investors with many years of work ahead of them and a lot more bonds for those workers nearing retirement. Balance is crucial.

Personal Injury Scotland Lawyers

Most people do not even think about the ramifications of being involved in a car accident. After all, who would want to have such unpleasant thoughts? The truth of the matter, however; is that car accidents occur every few seconds in most countries. True, the majority of these accidents are minor in nature but the possibility of being involved in a serious car accident is a reality for both drivers and passengers.

One of the sad statistics for anyone who has been involved in a major car accident is that the insurance company of the guilty party will try to make an unfair settlement with the innocent party. For example, let’s say that you have been involved in a serious car accident and have been taken to the local hospital. Shortly after you arrive at the hospital you will be medically taking care of and then afterwards set up in a hospital room.

While in the hospital room, there will be a probability that you will be visited by a representative of the insurance company of the guilty party. Even though the accident was not your fault the insurance representative will try to put doubt into your mind. He will tell you falsehoods about the accident being the fault of each driver and therefore if you want any compensation at all you should settle right now. This, of course, will be a complete falsehood and if you settle with the insurance representative at this point you will be receiving unfair compensation for a variety of things.

Someone who has been involved in a serious car accident can usually be compensated for things such as lost wages, vehicle damages, medical bills both now and in the future, and compensation for pain and suffering. The compensation for pain and suffering includes both physical and emotional. Therefore, since so much is at stake for your financial and physical well-being both now and in the future it is in your best interest to hire a capable personal injury Scotland lawyer who understands legal injury matters as soon as possible.

A personal injury lawyer is someone who has been trained and has the experience in all aspects of personal injury. Once they are retained they will deal directly with any representative from the guilty party’s insurance company. This will allow you to concentrate on your recovery which is the most important aspect of any serious car accident. Your lawyer will understand exactly how the law works in such situations and he/she will be able to secure a fair compensation for everything including future issues.

Yes, a qualified personal injury lawyer will be able to settle your case probably out of court but even if your case goes to trial you can be assured of being successful when you retain his/her services. In fact, it would be a wise idea to carry a business card of your personal injury Scotland lawyer in your wallet or purse. Hopefully, you will never be involved in a serious car accident but if you by chance ever are then you will be prepared by having the contact information of a personal injury lawyer easily at hand.

Visit personal injury for more information.

Facts About Female Entrepreneurs

There has been a recent influx of female entrepreneurs into the world of business, and it has bolstered how things are done.

In the past, business was something men were looked at doing, and it was not something women ventured towards. If they did, it was in small numbers as many others refused to enter the market and felt it was not for them. This has changed, and it has become an important part of working for women.

Many entrepreneurs who are women feel they can find success because they have entered this market and know how it works.

Let’s see what some of the most relevant facts are about female entrepreneurs in this day and age.

1) 18% Of Startups Have Women Founders

The best way to assess how things are going is to look at startup companies. These are the companies of the future, so looking at them gives an excellent sign of things to come for business. In general, the signs have been trending upwards as new women founders come in hordes.

Women now lead 18% of all startups, and this is just the beginning.

The number is rising every day.

2) 9 Million Women Founders In The US

Want to know how many women are running businesses in America? There are over 9 million as of right now, and this number has just started to go up. It is not going to be slowing down because many indicators are highlighting how the business world is going to see more and more women enter.

This is because there is a real barrier that has been broken down in recent years and it shows.

The results are there with more and more women being excited about running their businesses and entering the market.

3) Women CEOs Have Been Outperforming Men

Now, this is one of those studies that has been done by gauging results listed by companies. The study has shown women CEOs are outperforming the men. It is a sign of things to come because many businesses are now looking towards women to head their companies.

There is a different perspective that is brought onboard, and it can help a business rise to the top.

Women have been doing a lot in the market nad this should not be stopping shortly. It should only get better.

These are the main facts that come about entrepreneurs who are women. There are many more who are coming in, and they are going to be just as effective. Some of the most successful names in the world of business are women, and this is beginning to show the beauty of this gender and what it brings.

It is all about creating something unique and meaningful as that is what matters most.

With the world changing towards balance, it is all about running a business with success and women have shown their merit when it comes to this. This should bode well for how the market works in the future.

Is Hiring Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney A Good Idea?

A person who provides legal services or representation for an individual who has been financially or physically hurt due to the negligence of another party is known as a personal injury attorney. They are licensed specialists who follow a particular code of conduct and ethical obligations put in place by the state. Hiring a Las Vegas personal injury attorney is better than handling the legal affairs yourself since there are many complexities in the field that you may not be familiar with. Experts in this field of law are more adept with the civil rights and have the skills to handle matters regarding financial and physical harms brought to you and your property by another party.

Simply, the role of a personal injury lawyer is to help get compensation for the unfair losses. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways. While a lawyer can advise and offer to counsel in regards to the matters at hand, you can ideally get assistance from them through legal arguments and advocacy in the court. Legal arguments in a court of law are usually in a case where an individual has been seriously injured. In these cases, the personal injury lawyer offers confidential services.

Well, if you have faced an accident as a result of another person’s negligence and you are not sure whether you should use a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. First, consider the property damage. If it’s not a huge setback, you can skip the lawyer and settle the issue with your insurer. The compensations of the damage suffered may include property repairs and medical bills, but hiring a lawyer can cost you more than the benefits you may get. As such, you should only use a personal injury attorney when you have suffered a significant damage or one that the insurance provider can’t cover.

The second thing to consider is the severity of the physical injury that you may have suffered. If it’s one that will cost you a lot of money in medical attention or one that will take a lot of time to heal, then using a personal injury attorney is a good idea. That’s because such injuries could prevent you from working normally and this could set you back financially. As such, you will want to use a lawyer to ascertain fair compensation.

Another thing to consider is your budget and whether you can afford to hire the lawyer. The latter depends on a couple of factors. For example, if your damage is extensive and the person at the fault needs to pay, it might take a lot of effort from your personal injury lawyer, and therefore, they will charge you accordingly. The fees will ideally depend on the reputation of the lawyer. If he or she is a reputable expert, then expect to pay higher. The hourly rates and the rest of the charges that vary from one attorney to another are also things that you need to consider.

As you can see, hiring a personal injury lawyer depends on various factors. You need to consider the severity of the damage and whether you can afford the services to decide effectively on hiring a legal representative.